16 March 2007

Cameron: "the parting on the right is now a parting on the left"

...not quite a Who lyric, but pretty close.

It must have been a very thin news week this week as one of the most viewed stories on the BBC site tonight is 'Cameron hair - the barber did it'. What did the barber do? He moved Dave Cameron's parting from the right to the left. Like parting, like party? But steady on, people. Dave voted to waste £20 billion on a replacement for Trident for no particular reason rather than we like to look like a nation that has enough money to throw around on this kind of bling, rather than kitting out the troops properly in Iraq & Afghanistan (they shouldn't be there in the first place of course, but if they are, let's at least give the poor bastards proper equipment).

As Neal Lawson of Compass pointed out most astutely in his latest post on the site, Britain is now being governed by a New Labour/ New Conservative coalition. Which means that, come the next election, the most accurate lyric from 'Won't Get Fooled Again' could be: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Just in case you were expecting any different (You weren't obviously because you're more intelligent than that.) Now then, who's up for the centre parting?

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