10 December 2006

Friedman's mate has just died too!

General Pinochet has kicked the bucket... and we've got a large bottle of champagne under the stairs. Woo-hoo. I was saving it for Maggie Thatcher but sometimes you just have to take the nearest fascist you can lay your hands on.

More on this in a couple of days, but it's late and I need to find a glass.


red two said...

Maggie is a pillock.
Vote for Neil Kinnock.

Seth B Ramal said...

'Political song' by Benny Voller - still possibly the best political song ever written. For one thing, the title told you what to expect - something you can't always say about Mr Voller's work. 'Universal trapping sequence' anyone?

voller said...

It did exactly what it said on the tin all right.
Speaking of musical output, has anyone heard "Remains of the Day" yet?
It's available from my myspace.

Van Patten said...

Was going to make a comment here but will save it for the later post - my champagne is on ice but may yet be uncorked as your old pal Fidel Castro, the true architect of Chile's misfortune, is said to be at death's door!